What is BAS ERP system?

(Enterprise Resource Planning)

BAS ERP automates your enterprise and integrates all areas of your business and departments into a single ecosystem:



Sales and customer service

Distribution management

Storage and logistics

Project management

Staff management and its effectiveness

Operational analytics

Financial management

Regulated and management accounting

Alga Systems operational accounting and modules for BAS ERP

MES BAS ERP for meat processing

MES BAS ERP for packaging products

MES BAS ERP for dairy products accounting

MES BAS ERP for fish products

MES BAS ERP for poultry farming

MES BAS ERP for spices accounting

Module – BAS ERP for order processing

Module – Sales and purchase forecasting of goods

Module – Electronic document management system

Module – Staff performance management system

Module – HACCP risk management system

Module – CRM system for automated sales

Module – TMS transport logistics management system

Module – Staff control system

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