Mobile app for driver

  • A mobile application has been developed especially for drivers.The following functionality is available in the mobile application:
    Vehicle inspection reports:
    – Start of work. Acceptance of the car by the driver.
    – End of work. Car transfer to the mechanic.
    Work with flights
    – Work on the route. Passing points on tasks.
    Car maintenance
    – Display of fuel refueling
    – Creation of repair requests
    Fines / accidents
    – Displaying information about fines and violations.
    – Accident data fixation.
    My tasks
    – Allows you to change the status and respond to work tasks set by the manager.

At the beginning and end of work, the driver must inspect the vehicle, the results of which are reflected in the document “Vehicle inspection report”. This document records such indicators as odometer data and fuel sensor data. It is also possible to add a photo of the car’s appearance (fixation of damage) and a dashboard photo.

After the document ” Route” is made, it becomes available to the driver in the mobile application. During the route, the driver marks the completed tasks in the document, which allows the logistician to control the shipment process of goods by trucks or delivery by cars.

At the end of the trip, if the “Route” status is completed, then a “Waybill” is created on the basis of the document.

The document “Refueling of fuel and oil” allows you to get information about the refueled fuel more quickly (without waiting for official unloading from the gas station)
The data is used for management accounting and is adjusted when the accounting department receives official unloading from the gas station

Work with the document:

Gas station, fuel type, amount of fuel filled, fuel cost and refueling amount are indicated.
The number of the fuel card (if any) is indicated
Photo fixation of the bill, the scoreboard of the gas station and the car dashboard is performed before and after refueling.

The document “Penalty for traffic rules violation” allows you to quickly transfer information about the committed violation and the imposed fine to the manager.

Work with the document:

The violation date is entered
The place (address) of the violation is indicated
Violation brief description. Clause of the rules / violation article.
The protocol number and inspector’s data are filled in.
The fine amount is indicated
A photo of the protocol and other necessary photos are attached
The document “Accident fixation” allows you to quickly transfer information about the accident to the manager

Give a brief description of the situation for making management decisions and preliminary repairs and damage assessment.

Work with the document:

The date of the accident is entered
The accident place (address) is indicated
Brief accident description. Description of circumstances, participants.
The protocol number and inspector’s data are filled in.
A photo of the car, the place of the accident, the participants of the accident and other necessary photos are attached

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