A mobile application was developed specially for the movement of raw materials between warehouses and inventory. The following functionality is available in the mobile application:

– Creating an internal waybill for movement;

– Opening logs of internal documents;

– Inventory of raw materials in warehouses;

Creation of an internal document for the movement of raw materials between warehouses

In the new internal document, the operator sets the direction from Sender to Recipient. The application will offer to select the Sender warehouse and the Recipient warehouse.

The application requests a list of warehouses from the central database.

The operator of the mobile control point can start scanning the barcodes on the labels of the moved batches of material assets after the direction is established.
After each scan the application shows the operator information about the batch which bar code he scanned.

When the required batch is scanned the operator presses the “Add” button and a new line with this batch is added to the waybill. If the operator makes a mistake he presses the “Cancel” button and a new line is not added. After clicking the “Add” button the application shows all the lines of the waybill.
If for some reason it is impossible to read the barcode then it can be entered manually by clicking the “Enter barcode manually” button in the waybill.
The waybill is automatically transferred to the main system.

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