A mobile application has been developed specially for the completion of raw materials by production stages. The following functionality is available in the mobile application:
– Creating an internal waybill for picking;

– Opening logs of internal picking documents;

– Complete raw materials by production stages;

– View the history of picking documents;


Creation of an internal document for the acquisition of raw materials

In the new internal document, the operator sets the direction Sender – Recipient. The application will offer to select the Sender warehouse and the Recipient warehouse.

The application requests a list of warehouses from the central database.

After the direction is set, the operator of the mobile control room needs to select the production stage according to which the picking will take place, then it is possible to start scanning the barcodes on the batches of material assets involved in this stage.
After each scan the app shows the operator information about the batch and the barcode of which he has scanned is highlighted.

If the selected batch is scanned, a line with this batch is added to the internal document.

If for some reason the barcode cannot be read then it can be entered manually by clicking the “Enter barcode manually” button in the internal document.
The internal document is automatically transferred to the main system.

Starting a journal of raw material selection

To open the configuration log, you need to return to the home page and press the button to return to the settings of the mobile control point and select “Raw material configuration”. At the same time, the raw material configuration log of this control point will open.

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