Mobile app “Cafe Restaurant”

    • Mobile application for the work of staff of cafes, bars and restaurants.
      The application allows you to organize the work of waiters, kitchen and warehouse workers.
      With the help of the application, it is convenient to maintain the menu of the restaurant or cafe, take orders from visitors, generate orders for the kitchen and warehouse, monitor their implementation and track information about products, their storage and purchase history.
      The functionality of the program can be expanded to meet the needs of the customer.

Waiter’s desktop

Waiter’s desktop
The multifunctional waiter’s desktop will allow the staff to quickly perform their direct functionality, take orders, receive tasks, messages and have access to the working information of the hall, kitchen and their tasks.

Area “Now in work”
Displays the number of tables from which the waiter has accepted orders.
The number of orders that are being processed in the kitchen and the number of orders that are ready and waiting to be served.

Button area
Available buttons:
– to view the list of accepted orders

– list of tables from which orders are accepted for calculation.

– list of free tables

– HOT-list of the restaurant and current menu

– button to create a new order


Directory “Menu of the restaurant”

The directory is designed to work with any position of the menu of the restaurant, whether it is a position of the kitchen or bar.
The directory is hierarchical which allows you to structure the list by combining items into the necessary groups.
A wide set of item details and forms allows you to store the most complete information about the dish.
Search is available by filters and works with barcodes.


Directory “Menu of the restaurant”
Working with the menu item

Entering general information about the product.
Name, belonging to a certain menu group, price and description.
Nomenclature composition
You can specify the nomenclature composition of the dish
indicating the quantity per serving in units of measurement
(For the formation of applications for the kitchen and warehouse when creating a new order)
… Based on each position of the “waiter’s order”, the document “Kitchen application” will be generated
Ability to attach a photo of the dish

Document “Order of the customer (guest)”

Formation of a new order
The document indicates the table number and the content of the order.
Adding menu items and indicating the number of portions.
The waiter can add a comment for the kitchen, both for a specific dish and for the order as a whole.

Order status
Changes automatically depending on the execution stage by the kitchen or service of tables.

Document “Kitchen application”
Preparation of the dish. Selection of a set of products from the list.

A separate application is created for each unique position of the waiter’s order.

Application for a dish
Contains information from the order and the nomenclature composition, the number of ordered portions.
Button area
Performed by the Sous Chef

The document “Closing the table”
Calculation of the open table and closing orders of the table.
table check
Contains a list of ordered menu items
List of orders of this table
Ability to calculate the discount provided to the client

Carrying out the document will transfer all orders to the status “Completed”

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