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Document: “Unloading the Citrus container”

  • The document is designed to automate the accounting of citrus container unloading data.
    Using the mobile application, the container unloading data is sequentially filled in with photo-fixation of the unloading process, control measurements, average values calculation and quality indicators.
    Measurements with a complex hierarchical structure.
    Measurement of pallet data, measurement of pallet boxes with combining data into a single table (formation of talmanki).
    Brand data accounting and their marking.
    Fixation rejections and goods inspection for classification.
    Fixation the responsible persons.

Container data
– Batch number (week of loading)
– Number of unloaded container
( Cargo consignment note, vehicle number, trailer number).

Accounting of unloading type
– Container from customs, movement between branches, car from customs

Unloaded goods
-Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Grapefruit, Pomelo, Mix (Banana).

Car data
– Information about the arrived car and drivers
-Photo-fixation of the car that delivered the goods.

Sender’s information
– Data of the sender’s country, Warehouse of the sender
– Information about the container composition

Seal sensors
– Fixing the number and seal type
– Fixing the presence, number and temperature sensor type
– Presence of other transportation conditions
– Photo-fixation of parameters

Responsible persons
– Information about the persons responsible for unloading.
– Information about the survey company and the data of the surveyor in charge.

  • Labeling
    – Table of brands included in the container
    – Packaging photo-fixation (photo Ukrainian sticker, photo supplier sticker, photo pallet passport from supplier, general photo)
  • Weight/temperature measurement
    – Measurement of packages and containers.
    – Photo-fixation of the measurements performed. Weight. Temperature.

Measurement for classification
– Measurement of pallets
– Measurement of boxes (5 boxes / pallet).
– Inspection for classification
Indication of the grade during the inspection of each box.
Formation of talmanki.
Based on the inspections, tables are generated for analytics in terms of quality for the unloaded goods.

SELECTION – we weigh 5 boxes of pallets, sort out for defects (rot and non-commodity appearance – that we will not be able to sell). % of defects in the measurement is calculated by the formula: weight of defects from 5 boxes / (gross weight of 5 boxes – weight of containers * 5) * 100%. Rejects all pallets indicating its number. Photograph the reject weight from each pallet. In the end, the total weight of the entire defects.
We enter the data on the rejected pallets in the talmanka.

Document CB 1C
“Container unloading act”
All the data recorded in the mobile application after the end of unloading is sent to the main database 1C (UPP)
The unloading act document is available for viewing and editing in 1C. With data tables and photo materials of the unloading process.
– Based on the data of the document, you can generate ready-made reports.

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