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Scheme of the block “Travel letters”

      The main advantage of this system is the ability to receive data from the Wialon GPS monitoring system.This significantly increases the speed of obtaining data on vehicle mileage, route points, refueling and task completion time. Now there is no need to transfer data to the waybill in BAS ERP from a paper waybill.
The problem of promptly receiving waybill data from vehicle drivers has long existed in the company.It was decided to include a new block “Waybills” in BAS ERP for automation and simplification of the transport accountants work.

The work of the transport block begins with the document “Order” Data of the places of goods loading and unloading, the time of loading and unloading, as well as data on the goods (number of boxes, weight, number of pallets) are indicated in the order.

Based on the “Order”, the document “Route” is created. In the document, a list of tasks is generated on the “Tasks” tab, based on the data of loading and unloading places.  The task can be marked as completed when the driver passes the checkpoint

The document “Waybill” is created on the basis of the “Route”. The document indicates the data of the vehicle’s output when leaving and returning. In the tabular part “Work”, when downloading data from the monitoring system, we get information on route locations, odometer readings and vehicle mileage on each section of the route.

Refueling of the vehicle from the “Refueling” documents is automatically pulled into the “Refueling” table. The results of refueling are displayed above in the fuel flow table.

Data from the Wialon monitoring system on fuel consumption, vehicle mileage, spent hours and refueled fuel for the period of the waybill are loaded into the “CMT” table. Conclusion: The use of the “Waybills” block will greatly simplify the work of the transport accountant due to the automated receipt from the monitoring system. It is planned to develop a mobile application for the driver, which will allow to avoid paper route sheets.

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