Alga Tracefood

The product tracing system is a tool for identifying and tracing products aimed to form a unified system of accounting and quality management in production.

What is Alga Tracefood system for?

to track from what raw materials a particular product was produced. Tracking is carried out within supplier and batch;

for full control over the movement of raw materials in the production process and identification of responsible persons involved in theproduct production;

prompt removal of products and materials that do not meet the established standards from production.

Advantages of Alga Tracefood

detalization of all production processes;

user-friendly interface.

What does management get?

unique system for identification and labeling of products to enable transparent products traceability in production with accordance to HACCP requirements;

the ability to track the history of each product: which employee made it, when, from what materials, etc;

reporting from all process areas in production: from the raw material warehouse to the finished product warehouse.

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