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Personnel control system.

GV VD8700 Camera SDK (With face recognition)

Камера топ1

IP camera data processing

BAS ERP mobile application for working with IP camera

Face recognition (of previously recorded in the database);

Unloading and processing records from the camera memory card for the selected period;

Receiving photo fixations images for object recognition (human recognition);

Flexible settings for selecting camera recordings (selection period, object recognition percentage, search for specific object recordings from the database);

Adaptation with BAS ERP. Ability to process camera data with recording in BAS ERP registers;

Formation of reports in any analytics segment based on BAS ERP data;

Sending reports and notifications using Telegram bots;

Application options

Adding customer data to the database, photo images for customer recognition, contact information.


When a client visits office or shop, the camera recognizes the client’s face, receives information on working with a particular client from the database by request and generates:

report on debt or other payment indicators;

order history, services performed, list of preferred products;

special offer is sent to the client`s mobile phone in the SMS message form (if contact information is available) or displayed on the information screens that the client sees;

task is created for the customer service manager.

Control of employees’ working hours

Adding employee data to the database, photo images for customer recognition, contact information.


When an employee comes to the office (at the entrance):

time of arrival/departure is recorded, a log is made;

employee's phone receives information about his working schedule, tasks for work, reminders, greetings;

What is the TMS system from Alga Staff for?

to display the work results of each employee;

result-based work with personnel (adaptation, training, staff development);

automated working time recording;

data security control;

photo recording of the working day and employee's efficiency evaluation;

monitoring employees atypical behavior;

``lie detector`` (polygraph)

access by face (similar to faceID);

access by fingerprints with time recording.

What does management get?

complete image of what workers are doing during working hours;

complete data security;

optimization on staff costs;

Identification of dishonest employees;

movement control and working time accounting.

Subsystem for polygraph operation in BAS ERP

This subsystem is a tool set for the work of a polygraph examiner in BAS ERP, which allow to simplify the stage of conducting and filling out documents for passing a polygraph, compiling a report on the necessary materials. The subsystem has universal configurations and was tested on the BAS ERP” configuration.

For more efficient and effective work of the polygraph examiner in the enterprise – a subsystem is needed that allows to automate and reduce the operating time of the polygraph examiner. When installing the subsystem, typical configuration objects will not be affected which allows you to quickly update configurations without losing settings. The subsystem includes:

Guide ``Questions of a polygraph examiner``.

Analytics will be conducted in the context of the questions.

Guide ``Variations of polygraph examiner questions``.

Question variation can be added as a separate element of the “Question Variations” directory following the principles and logic of the question directory and directly from the question form itself.

to each question you can add  necessary number of variations in which it will be asked in the survey according to this principle.

Guide ``Question templates``

Document ``Polygraph (polygraph examination)``

In each tab you can choose a template. We have prepared templates for each of the tabs (standard questions, by specialty, from managers and additional questions)

The polygraph examiner's job at this stage:

Mark the answers given by the respondent (true/false) and additional questions);

Indicate ``Confirmed answer`` by the device (according to the polygraph examiner);

Make a short comment (explanation of the answer and examiner`s opinion on a particular issue);

From all tabs in which the templates were uploaded and processed, the questions will be added to one summary table in which it is possible to arrange the questions in the required order for submission and output to the report (Word layout).

Document results are summarized on the Survey Result tab, where the polygraph examiner fills in the psychological characteristics of the person undergoing the polygraph examination based on his personal opinion about the behavior, answers and other data about the person.

The button “Generate a polygraph report by layout” allows you to generate a report in Word document format according to a template approved in advance by the customer. The generated report and other files can be attached to the BAS ERP document (the ability to attach files of any format).

Ability to expand the functionality of standard configurations. Maintaining in the employee's card the polygraph history examinations and surveys scheduling according to the status;

Generating a report on completed and planned employee surveys.

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