Alga.SPICE is a new product for food market operators developed by Algabas specialists. It is fully adapted for Ukrainian business, works on BAS ERP platform and solves problems of food business in Ukraine.
The program is developed in different versions:
– in accordance with the legislation requirements in the sphere of food safety of Ukraine;
– in accordance with the international standards requirements in the sphere of food safety management systems (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, IFS, BRC, Global G.A.P.)
– in accordance with the integrated management system requirements for management objects (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and others).
It is an innovative system that is designed to comprehensively manage risks and solve problems of your business.
Alga.SPICE is based on MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

The control production point of the MPP is the operator’s workplace, where the movement of raw materials, finished products between warehouses and workshops takes place, where the operation of changing the state of raw materials takes place and the batches are fixed at each stage of production.

Automated production point workstation. Our solution works on touch monoblocks and does not require a keyboard and mouse.

To complete customer orders the software product is used ALGA.PACKING ORDERS


Brief program description of the ALGA.Pack module based on BAS ERP 2.4

We need to produce a product Set of spices

KT1. Materials and spices reception

KT2. Moving spices to the warehouse

KT3. Complete set of spices

KT4. Transfer to packaging and warehouse of finished products

On the Main tab, you need to select the dispatching unit that will execute this order. If necessary, you can specify the date of the order.

Go to the next section to the “Products” tab. On the Add button, select the desired nomenclature, specify the quantity for production. It is also necessary to specify the nomenclature characteristics, and fill in the recipient column, indicate the desired release date.

After filling in all the necessary tabular part in the tabs, we will hold the “Production order” in the status “Forming”. Then we will transfer it to the status “To production” and click on the button “Post and close”.

Creating a production order. We have chosen the path through the production order. In our system of the BAS ERP 2.4 module, you can manufacture a product without using a Production Order, but simply create a Production document without an order.

Operational accounting ALGA.Spice

KT1. Materials and spices reception

KT2. Moving spices to the warehouse

KT3. Spices packing

Business process of spice production:

Spices acceptance to the operational warehouse

Initially, spices are stored in the central warehouse. From the central warehouse they are transferred to the operational spice packing area and accepted by scanning barcodes on containers or packaging. The operational warehouse maintains a stock for 1-3 days. For convenience and speeding up the search at the operational warehouse, as a rule, address storage is used. For certain names of spices are assigned cells. If it is not possible to assign individual cells to all names of spices, they are assigned to those that are used most often. Other spices can be stored for several in one cell.

Acceptance by batches

Spices are transferred to the operational warehouse in batches. This is necessary to ensure traceability and accounting for expiration dates. But if you keep records by batches when packing spices, it will significantly reduce the speed of work, as you will have to scan the barcode of each ingredient before filling the container with a set of spices. Therefore, most often, when accepting spices to the operational warehouse, their batches are combined in the system or the ingredients are written off according to FIFO when releasing a set of spices.

Spices transfer

The spice sets assembled for mixing are marked with thermochecks. The thermal check barcodes are checked during the spice sets transfer to production in order for the system to register their transfer from the spice packing area.

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