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Customer relationship management CRM system and sales automation is a organization system and control over the work of all sales departments and each employee in this system. It covers and automates all stages of the process of attracting a new client, selling him goods, services and further relationships with him.

What is CRM system for?

To record any interactions with the client. Each client and his history is stored in your database: the history of appeals, purchase history, all contact details are saved in one place. Even if the communication took place in social networks and messengers;

business processes automation for processing requests from the call center to bots in messengers;

sales automation through online stores;

sales automation through marketplaces;

marketing automation;

to increase sales through automated sales channels;

communication management between the seller (manager) and the client;

improving the service quality and customer support;

control of staff performance;

the ability to segment customers to develop an individual approach to each and create the necessary marketing strategies;

reducing the percentage of ``lost`` customers;

the ability to analyze the marketing effectiveness campaigns;

automation of business processes at the sales moment and further customer service;

tasks and projects automation related to sales.

What does management get?

Unified customer base with the entire interaction history;

supervision over the employees' actions in regard to the clients;

sales scripts and a single algorithm of interaction with the client;

result transparency of each manager's work in the sales department, his investment in the common goal;

Reducing the number of employees due to automation of BP and sales;

increase in turnover;

control over the work of all departments involved in the sales process;

efficient and manageable ``sales funnel``;

data for analysis and taking the proper management decisions;

new distribution channels.

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