Alga Planning

Forecasting of sales and purchases of goods

BAS ERP processing for forecasting sales and goods purchases through Facebook Prophet

Operating with sales and purchase data from the BAS ERP database;

Data selection from the BAS ERP database by division and country;

Ability to manually enter data into a separate BAS ERP register;


The graph shows sales and the forecast trend is moving up.

This processing builds a forecast based on a table containing the date and the actual value, which can be the goods quantity, its price, the amount of revenue, etc. Three graphs are built after the formation of the table of values: actual values, predicted values and a trend line that shows the trend of changes in indicators.

For forecasting in the processing the Facebook Prophet library is used which has proven itself in forecasting of time series.

In this case the processing can be used for purchases and sales analytics, as well as for further planning of goods purchases and distribution for sale by company departments.

If you turn on the smoothing of the graph the values with large differences are cut off for a more convenient study of the graph.

If you enable maximum smoothing then one maximum value is cut off. This is useful if there is one “anomalous” value that is many times higher than the others.

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