Based on customer orders collection tasks are formed. According to such orders several tasks can be formed and can be distributed to storekeepers;

The storekeeper packs the products in a box, attaches a tag and scans the barcode. The barcode on the box is linked to the picking task;

A storekeeper with a scanner walks through the warehouse and scans the barcode by batch and selects products and registers them in the system;

If the first box is collected according to the system settings the storekeeper attaches a new barcode tag to the second box and attaches it to another task.

You can attach numerous boxes to one task according to the system settings;

Customer order picking is an authorized workplace of the operator.

Orders selection can be implemented on mobile applications.


Order picking system brief description

We have manufactured the product and let us pack it for the customer.

Reference – Nomenclature.

Products in units of measurement pcs. Weight 1 pcs – 0,200 kg

Directory – Nomenclature of customers.

This directory is used to link the company’s nomenclature with the customer’s nomenclature with its own settings for each customer.

The Packaging tab is filled in:

1. Tare – in which the products will be packed. If the tare is not specified, the system will select the default tare;
2. Quantity in package – the number of containers in the package;
3. Quantum – Indivisible quantity to be placed in the selected container.
4. Percentage up – maximum upward deviation in percentage from the quantum value;
5. Percentage down – maximum downward deviation in kilograms or pieces from the quantum value;

Fields that are filled in the Check tab:

  1. Barcode – customer’s nomenclature barcode that will be printed on the label;
  2. Price – customer’s nomenclature price that will be printed on the label. Nothing will be printed if the price is not specified;

Reference – Types of boxes

The settings of the boxes are specified. Height, Width, Depth, Fixed weight

Reference – Types of customer nomenclature.

You can make settings individually for each client.

In the settings we see:

Quantity control of the boxes – if the checkbox is set then while collecting the order, the quantity control of the boxes for the order will be performed;
Shipment quantum control in % – if the checkbox is set then during picking each box the control of box filling will be according to the set values of deviation from the standard weight will be performed;
Pallets formation – if the checkbox is set then the system will allow the customer to form pallets;
Acceptable overload percentage – means on how many percent boxes can be overloaded while picking an order;
Allowable underloading percentage – means on how many percent boxes can be underloaded while picking an order;
Allowable underloading weight – means the underloaded boxes weight while picking the order;
Piece label template – a unique template is developed for the client according to his rules;
Total label template
Pallet label template

WORK on orders

Task generation for collecting

Completing tasks by orders

Box opening is used if the collection has been stopped and needs to be continued.

Document Packing list with NUMBER for product tracking is generated after closing the Task

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