MES ERP for accounting of packaging products

ALGA.Pack: effective operational accounting of packaging products in your business

Alga.Pack is a new product for food market operators developed by Algabas specialists. It is fully adapted for Ukrainian business, works on BAS ERP platform and solves problems of business in Ukraine.
It is an innovative system that is designed to comprehensively manage risks and solve problems of your business.
Alga.Pack is based on MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

Are you planning to automate absolutely all production processes and are looking for a program for operational packaging materials accounting? The Algabas team has created a special module Alga.Pack, adapted for the Ukrainian market, which will allow you to prepare specific reporting and accurate accounting, as well as use advanced functionality for even greater opportunities.

How it works: what operational packaging accounting with Alga.Pack includes:

– Management of all packaging production stages, task prioritization

– Creating an optimal production schedule and re-planning

– Control of set standards and timely task adjustment

– Reducing the defects percentage, its accounting and processing

– Simple products traceability at all production stages

– Obtaining technical information in real time

– Optimal raw material consumption calculation for the production of containers made of polyethylene or other material

– Accounting and analysis of the waste percentage with further reduction of their level

– Work with a large number of packaging production recipes and their variations and much more.

All the operational accounting processes of production packaging are carried out at the control points, and unlike analogues, Alga.Pack greatly simplifies the work of the operator through the use of touch monoblocks, not a keyboard and mouse. Using the module significantly reduces costs, increases staff motivation and allows you to optimize productivity, as well as makes it possible to calculate the production cost.

Please note: the module for clear cost Alga.Pack is based on MES and operates on the basis of the BAS ERP system and is easily integrated into existing production without the need for adaptation.

An intuitive module management process, a simple operator’s desktop, administrative control of all packaging production functions and fine-tuning of all control points – Algabas not only creates products to really help Ukrainian business, but also improves them. Our focus is on the production needs and maximum automation, join us!

The production control point of the MPP is the operator’s workplace where the raw materials and finished products move between warehouses and workshops and where the operation of changing the raw materials status takes place and the batches are recorded at each production stage.

Automated workplace of the production point. Our solution works on touch monoblocks and does not require a keyboard and mouse.

To complete customer orders the ALGA.PACKING ORDERS software product is used


Brief description of the ALGA.Pack module program based on BAS ERP 2.4

It is required to produce the product wrap 700x20x1765

KT1. Raw material reception from suppliers

KT2. Raw materials movement in warehouses

KT3. Transfer of materials to production

KT4. Dyes packaging

KT5. Materials package

KT6. Output for slicing

KT7. Packing of wrap

KT8. Transfer to the packaging and warehouse of finished products

On the first tab “Main”, you need to select the dispatcher unit that will execute this order. If necessary, you can specify the order date.

Go to the next section to the “Products” tab. On the “Add” button, select the desired nomenclature, specify the quantity for production. It is also necessary to specify the nomenclature characteristics, and fill in the recipient column, indicate the desired release date.

After filling in all the necessary tabular part in the tabs, we will hold the “Production order” in the status “Forming”. Then we will transfer it to the status “To production” and click on the button “Post and close”.

Creating a Production Order. We chose the path through the production order. In our system of the BAS ERP 2.4 module, you can make a product without using a Production Order, but simply create a Production document without an order.

In order for the “Production order” to be placed in the queue for execution, it is necessary to form the production stages. To do this, go to the “Production” section, select the “Inter-shop management” subsection and select Order queue management. Or click on the Order queue button in the document

In this window, you can see “Orders for production” that are waiting for the stages to be formed, stages to be checked, stages that have been transferred for execution, for which collateral is required, or everything has already been done. In the left table part there is a status in which the order is located.

The figure shows that for our order it is necessary to form stages. To do this, move the mouse cursor over the icon and double-click the mouse button to form the stages.

We will get the window “Filling the provision and shipment in stages”, indicate the status “To be provided”. And click the generate button.

After we clicked on the generate button, the process of forming the stage will automatically begin and the program will ask you to wait.

The production stage was automatically formed.

Creating a resource specification of the product

ALGA.Pack operational accounting

KT1. Raw material reception from suppliers

Operator’s desktop. For work, the System Administrator sets up access to the operator by control points. In operational accounting, the entire work process is carried out in batches.

We see the closing of the order. The goods were accepted at the control point. The goods have been assigned to the batch

Select the containers. The number of containers can be adjusted in the control point settings

You can connect a camera at the control point to record the fact

After the weighing of the goods is completed, the labels with barcodes and batches are unrolled.

Based on the operational accounting data, receipt documents are automatically created in management and accounting.

KT2. Movement of raw materials in warehouses

Based on the completion of work at the control point, documents are created automatically in management and accounting records

KT3. Materials transfer to production

Based on the completion of work at the control point, documents are created automatically in management and accounting records

KT4. Dyes packaging

KT5. Complete set of materials

Choose the stage for which you need to weigh the products

The operator’s workplace opens. The recipe is filled in according to the stage.

Batch search can be done with a scanner if the goods are transferred to production and it is with a label. The operator simply scans the barcode and the system fills the batch and weighs it

If the product is without a label, the operator can choose the batch from which to write off.

After weighing the goods, the stage is closed in operational accounting. And based on the data in automatic mode, the production stage is filled (overwritten) according to the operational accounting data

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