Automation of restaurants, bars, cafes
ALGA.HORECA is a new product for food market operators developed by Algabas specialists. It is fully adapted for Ukrainian business, works on BAS ERP platform and solves problems of food business in Ukraine.
– in accordance with the legislation requirements in the sphere of food safety of Ukraine;
– in accordance with the international standards requirements in the sphere of food safety management systems (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, IFS, BRC, Global G.A.P.)
– in accordance with the integrated management system requirements for management objects (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and others).
It is an innovative system that is designed to comprehensively manage risks and solve problems of your business..
ALGA.HORECA is based on MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

The Alga.HORECA system is an operational block that transforms data into management and accounting.

In the operational block Alga.HORECA you will receive:

  1. Ability to produce products (sets, dishes, semi-finished products) with cost calculation;
  2. Accounting of spices;
  3. Control and process online orders;
  4. Ability to control dish recipes for the cost calculation of branded dishes;
  5. Ability to distribute technological maps (for networks);
  6. Ability to control promotions, bonuses (for networks);
  7. Ability to issue tasks for the delivery of finished products;
  8. Connection to telephony (Binatel);
  9. Reducing the likelihood of theft of raw materials through the introduction of controls during weighing, as well as through accounting and control of losses during various production operations;
  10. Operational compliance control with recipes in the production of technological semi-finished products, packaging of spices;
  11. Obtaining reports on the movement and balances of material assets, the production of semi-finished products and products, technological operations in the online mode;
  12. Operational control of the material assets balances in warehouses and production sites, their movement and transformation;
  13. Operational compliance control of standards, losses and outputs with the possibility of further plan-factual analysis and identification of the deviations causes;
  14. Product labeling when picking customer orders, including printing of individual labels, total labels and pallet sheets;
  15. Assembly registration of customer orders with simultaneous compliance control with customer requirements for packaging, quanta of contribution;


Alga.HORECA system allows you to keep management accounting.

In the management block the accountant forms:

  1. Calculation cards;
  2. Prices;
  3. Margins;
  4. Promotions;
  5. Bonuses;
  6. Recipes;
  7. Synchronization with accounting programs;


Front office allows you:

  1. Register customer orders by table;
  2. Register online customer orders;
  3. Interconnection between cooks and waiters;
  4. Printing and sending orders;
  5. Calculation of bonuses and cards;
  6. Calculation of promotions;

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